Chocolate souvenirs

For each holiday we prepare thematic souvenirs that emphasize the subject of the event and will make an interesting, unusual gift for both family and relatives and business partners.

It can be a chocolate card with a holiday theme or your company logo, themed figured chocolate, chocolate candy sets with an inscription, large gift baskets or cute little presents.

We work with clients individually to create a present based on the customer’s requests.

You can buy our special Lipetsk chocolate as a memorable souvenir which will remind you of the visit to our city or make a present to your friends from other cities. In 2017 our special Lipetsk chocolate entered the top three at the All-Russian competition “Tourist souvenir 2017”.


Lipetsk chocolate specialty with lime tree flowers infused with cocoa butter. Venezuela cocoa beans Porcellano variety 70%

Light roast, Conche treatment is 72 hours


Characteristics of the variety: Cocoa beans Venezuela Porcelana belong to the Criollo variety and are the rarest and healthiest according to the majority of world experts. “Porcelana” derives from “porcelain”. Chocolate made on the basis of such raw materials is distinguished by a white cut and has creamy notes without milk addition, as well as light aroma of butter, strawberry and bread.

These beans perfectly match with cocoa butter infused with fresh lime flowers. Lime blossom is collected at the peak of lime blossom in the ecologically clean Zadonsky district near to the wildlife preservation “Galichya Gora”. Lime flowers are infused with cocoa butter during 45 days. Due to cocoa butter and lime blossom addition our chocolate received unique flavors and combined the useful components of natural cocoa beans and the healing properties of lime tree.