Crafted chocolate

Crafted chocolate is gently produced from beans of rare aromatic varieties Criollo and Trinitario. It has a unique taste, which depends on the beans’ region of growth, fermentation, the degree of roasting and the time of conche treatment.
Cocoa beans are hand-picked, fried at low temperatures, cleaned, grounded with the addition of raw cane sugar in a melangeur with granite millstones and are being conched during 72 hours. Conche treatment is the mixing of chocolate in a warm form to achieve smoother texture and more delicate taste.
Such careful treatment and high content of cocoa beans keep the maximum amount of nutrients in crafted chocolate and make this product not only tasty, but also extremely healthy.
Crafted chocolate normalizes blood pressure, tonicizes and improves mood, contains a large number of antioxidants beneficial for human health. Due to the high content of cocoa butter, it has a positive effect on the gastrointestinal tract. The composition of craft chocolate includes only two components – cocoa beans and cane sugar. We do not add preservatives, fragrances and emulsifiers to our chocolate.
The taste of chocolate depends directly on the origin of raw materials. Chocolate is a product with terroir features (terroir is a place of origin), giving chocolate different tints of taste, which depend on cocoa beans’ place of growth of. In our product range there is chocolate made from Peru, Venezuela, Ecuador, India, Vietnam, Nicaragua, Guatemala, Jamaica, Cuba and Dominican Republic cocoa beans.
We do not stand still and constantly expand geography in order to give our customers an opportunity to enjoy the exquisite taste of chocolate from different countries.